Hello ! I hope you all are doing great.
This post is special for the people who have been following Star Wars and Deadpool Comics since the very beginning  or have just started following them. The Silly Punters are the official merchandise of Star Wars and the Deadpool tshirts along with a variety of other tshirts, posters and notebooks. In Collaboration with them I got a very comfortable tshirt portraying the famous Star Wars Villain “Darth Vader”.

Summer time is when we like to dress as comfortable as possible so that we can pass through the sweaty weather. It sometimes really becomes very tough to maintain our style and comfort levels in such weathers and we opt for the most orthodox and casual look which is putting on a cotton tshirt on jeans along with a pair of shoes.

Black though is more hotter ( as it absorbs the heat) than the other colours, is a very comforting choice for me. The colour contrast of the Silly Punter tshirt had left me wondering how hot I shall feel in it but to my surprise the cotton cloth had kept me very much calmer and due to the Black colour none of the sweat stains were visible. Style is a reflection of attitude and personality but for that you should not be worried about the sweat stains that are a constant problem during the summers. The Dark shade hides all the sweat stains while the cotton cloth keeps us calm solving all our troubles with one purchase from “The Silly Punters”. They right now have a sale going on where they offer a tshirt free on purchase of any two tshirts so now we get an extra tshirt of our loved superhero. The more you leave out, the more you highlight what you leave in. The Silly Punters create their own style making unique yet unidentifiable products by others which makes them a company who win hearts with just their products. They treat their customers with great respect and create policies and products to satisfy their needs. They might have kept their name as the Silly Punters but actually are the most responsible and wise group of people with ample sense of creativity.


This shall be all for today but I’ll soon be back with another post till then party hard, be happy and stay safe.


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