Desire of All

The Company DesireDesire has stepped in and taken the responsibility of making India advanced in terms of Global Technology. The uniqueness of their products is creating the highest quality of designs at the best prices possible so that the youth of India are able to enjoy the extravagant art and the eccentric concepts that they use in their products. They  will never curate boring stuff that you already see in the market and always give us a reason to raise our eye brows with excitement at Honestly, the first time I visited their website it was really difficult for me to settle my mind on a single product as whenever i scrolled down i got to see something much more interesting than the previous one and all distinguished in their own ways.

Let me flaunt you some of their smart gadgets which really amazed me personally.

The Smart phone controlled remote locking system which itself is the present day innovation making our job all too smart with the device enabled with advanced encrypted Bluetooth communication designed for door locks. Their  KL100B is a replacement of the age old keys to the door and we can secure our doors on the click of a button of our smartphone.

The user-friendly USB powered Spaceman called the Astro Light which lightens up the darkness with two LED lights hidden inside the headgear since none want it to be visible. Childhood laziness fantasizes one to own a robot to do all the days on a single command and also keep a track of what one does during a time period, yet not inform others about it.

DesireDesire surely fulfilled dreams of many with their amazing Personal Robocop named ATOM. Armed with artificial intelligence and an advanced CPU, Atom is designed to smoke out intruders with 360-degree mobility. Remote controlled via the Amaryllo app, Atom detects audio, tracks faces and sends you photo alerts via text message. In short, RoboCop acts as personalised cop stationed around our residence or office.

DesireDesire does also have a section which looks after the needs of the masses with  customized mobile phone cases, Designer Phone covers, Wooden phone cases, Material Tablet Cases, Beautiful Speakers, Cool Headphones, Awesome USB Drives, Designer USB Cables, Cool & Smart Gadgets, Home Security Systems, Key less door lock systems, Tele presence Robots, Phone UV sanitizer, Cool Drones, Pocket Projectors, Phone Binocular & USB LED Lights but specifically discussion on a specific category which would interest one and all. As soon as the headphones are plugged, you are sent in to a little world of your own enjoying the piece of art that goes in the ears physically but actually touching the heart beats. DesireDesire have excelled in creating the headphones and speakers creative and attractive too.

The RS2E,, a masterpiece in mahogany something which creates a culture of environmental responsibility. The padded speakers create a very comforting zone for my ears to rest on while forgetting all except the delightful music. The hand-crafted mahogany undergoes Grado’s proprietary curing process, with new advanced damping treatments that help control and dispel sonority. They surely might be new in India but are going to win a million hearts.
Wireless LED Lamp and speaker system called the Cromatica is all about controlling via simple hand gestures, a touch interface and an app. It is sometimes very exasperating when we have to get up to adjust the volume of the songs or change the song while we trying to relax reading a book or writing our special thoughts in our diary. The Cromatica helps us to handle all these things with a few hand gestures that are needed to be saved in the app and the rest the app does. Cromatica specialize in the perfect combination of light and sound allowing us to program the system according to the preferred combination of light and sound that is required. A  perfect match for the Creative Heads.

The Music Backpack will become a favourite amoung all products in offer from Desire Desire. Its out of the world of imagination having music played which on your bike, while the selection of music describes your destination. The lightweight uniquely designed Backpack comes along with anti theft zipper to secure it from others who shall misuse it. Don’t believe what I have written ?  No worry, all the above comes with a 7 day NO QUESTION ASKED Return Policy. During the period one can try out the applications and its features and go by the proverbial SEEING IS BELIEVING.

To sum up, the company name DesireDesire matches the vocabulary synonyms wish, want, longing, yearning, aspiration, fascination, inclination…. the list is long.

The links to all these amazing products are given below, have a look and get a quirky speaker for yourself too. That’s all for today shall be back with new post soon so stay put till then.