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Hello Folks !!

Hope all are doing good and enjoying the summers !

Today’s Blog is all about how tasty you can make your diet plans and enjoy the delicious food along with keeping yourself in good shape. The Queens Quinoa (pronounced as keen-wah) has managed to develop food that are high in protein but is very low on calories and carbs. Queens Quinoa is considered to be a complete source of protein consisting of all the nine amino acids and being gluten-free making it easy for us to digest.

The normal meals usually tend to become cheat meals once we taste some delicious food and can not control ourselves anymore, unfortunately Queens Quinoa helps in maintaining weight as it gives a feeling of fullness and stops our cravings.

Yup, it is Passtaa, something that everyone enjoys having but we all know how many calories a white sauce pasta recipe contains. Whole grain Quinoa Pasta is a great choice for people who want to increase their fibre and protein intake. It is really easy to make and very delicious in taste.

Steps to a bowl of heaven :

Boil 1 cup Pasta in 3-4 cups of water with a pinch of salt and a little oil for 10-12 minutes. In 1 tbs of butter, saute garlic along with the other veggies you would like to have and keep it aside.

Now heat 1 1/2 tbs of butter, add Quinoa flour and milk to it. Whisk well till it starts boiling. When the Mixture starts to thicken, add chilli flakes, white pepper powder, salt and oregano.

Add Quinoa Pasta and grated cheese, mix well and enjoy the delicious dish.

While serving you can decorate it the way you like it to make it look more delicious, in here I used a few coriander leaves that makes it look healthy and pleasant to the tongue.


Go ahead and check out more amazing products of Queens Quinoa and treat yourself with great snacking helping to shape you better. The MRP’s are really low so it would not be heavy on your pockets too.

So guys, this is all for today, will be back soon with another post till then sayonara.



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