The Black Game !

Howdy howdy howdy !

I was just wondering well what are you wearing today ? Take a look at what did you put on this morning, how many times consciously you got dressed knowing what you are wearing? Maybe you were too busy this morning or maybe you are such a hardcore fashionista that you stepped into the clothes that the magazines and the blogs tell us is on trend or maybe you were just really hung over this morning, you woke up and you just put on whatever was lying crumbled on the floor from last night. But I am telling you, every single time that you put your head through your top or you stick your leg through your jeans you choose what you tell the world about yourself.


The PrintOctopus is one of the companies who create T-shirt, Mobile coversPosters, Canvas Prints, and Mouse Pads keeping in mind the Style Statements of its consumers. They recently Collaborated with me and have sent me a very comforting T-shirt and I have been enjoying its really amazingly soft fabric. The PrintOctopus have always been known for the relationship they create between clothes and people through the selection of fabric, the unique designs, the cheap and cheerful pricing and the magnificent services that they provide.


” Haan Ji ”
” Hello ”

Getting dressed to the nines always makes your confidence boost up no matter how low you might be feeling so I always try to wear my heart upon my sleeve and look better than how I did the last time.
The perfect combination of Strength and elegance is depicted through the colour Black and this time I paired this cool black T-shirt with my black regular fit mid rise jeans. Pairing up the black jeans along with the T-shirt gives you a cool casual look for parties all day long and keeps you comfortable naturally. I have not really added any accessories to this outfit as I feel sometimes the more simpler our outfits are the more chances of remaining at ease during the warmer months.



Matching up the shoes was not at all difficult for me as I recently purchased the Adidas NMD and wanted to wear it as soon as possible. One of the most comfortable shoes for the summers that I have been in.


So guys, this will be all for today but I will soon be back with another exciting post and make you all love it till then check out the links below which shall show you the amazing Collections of PrintOctopus.

Sayonara !!


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