Ma Earth Botanicals

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Life has not always been as we had planned but it usually turns out to be well if we work hard towards our goals and objectives. The level of dedication put into our work makes us forget about taking care of ourselves. No matter how busy we are, nurturing our skin and body should be our first priority always, as the better we look, the better we feel. The stress levels of the younger generations as well as the seniors have risen such a lot that it now tends to show on our faces resulting in acne problems. We cannot use Chemical Products that shall help us instantly but slowly destroy our skin in the long run.

So what would be the best alternative ?



Ma Earth Botanicals is one of those companies which is not only looking to satisfy its customer’s needs but also to be able to successfully reduce the tremendous amounts of pressure exerted on the natural ecosystem across the world by the skin care industries. All their products are handcrafted and made from 100% pure essential oils and  natural resources, cutting down the usage of artificial fragrances, chemical preservatives and artificial ingredients.




The purpose of the Hair Cleanser is to deeply clean and nourish the scalp well possible by just washing your hair. The Ma Earth Botanicals Hair Cleanser not only cleans your scalp but also propitious in condemning the hair fall and dryness of scalp keeping your hair alive as you are, always.
Mix one cap full in half cup of water and apply it onto the wet hair leaving it for a minute or two and then rinse it well. A regular formula for healthy hair.




Heading onto the second product, we have here the Hair Conditioner by the Ma Earth Botanicals. Using a conditioner provide a variety of essential benefits, such as preventing of hair breakage and tangling as well as helping create soft and smooth hair. Supposed to be applied  along the length of hair after cleansing and washed thoroughly.




Now we have here the amazing Rose Shower Gel  which has a very soothing fragrance and is to be applied onto a loofah for optimum utilisation.  Just a few drops and you shall smell breathtaking all day long. Shower Gels are more useful in terms of keeping the bathing products away from common use and contamination.




The Body Balm is a valuable product to have in your collection as it has various different advantages. Enriched with Shea and Cocoa Butter it protects and nourishes the dry skin, soothes the senses and helps to repair the damaged skin. It is to be used the same way as the Hair Cleanser, one cap full mixed in half cup of water and applied to wet hair and body.




The last but not the least The Hydrating Cream known for the ability to prevent signs of aging and renew the skin cells, penetrates the skin layers restoring firmness and elasticity resulting in a smooth, clear texture and healthy glow. It’s a must use for people with dehydrated skin as it shall comfort with them a lot with the condition of their skin.

This shall be all for today but lets take the responsibility of keeping our hair and skin healthy and having a better ecosystem by cutting down on the usage of chemical products that is constantly harming the nature. You may not look bright and healthy if your hair and skin looks unhealthy and tarnished.

Will be back soon, till then Sayonara.