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Hope you all are doing well and have somehow been able to survive through the heat of the summers. The ray of sunshine have now started to lessen as the smell of the rains have begun to comfort us. As it becomes necessary for us to change our wardrobe in accordance with the season, it even becomes necessary to change our skin care system in accordance to the season. After bearing extreme heat of the sun, tan and those sun burns of the summer, Monsoon comes as a relief. During the Monsoon, the humidity levels escalate causing a lot of different types of problems for our skin.

Now today I am going to show you some of the products that you should surely add to your skin care routine.


Acmed FaceWash

The heat and dirt during the summers at times infect our skin and cause problems of ance or can even say ” pimples “. The Acmed Facewash is recommended for people facing the troubles of having an oily skin. Just a little solution along with a little water on your palms twice a day shall gave you a commendably glowing and clean skin.


Cutishine lives up to it’s name as it really makes your face have a cute shine once used. After a hard day at the office Cutishine shall be the perfect facewash for cleansing your skin and making you feel lighter providing you a polished complexion, getting you party-ready.


Washing your face with warm water and then applying Akamasq to your face and neck shall help you to keep away the oil and dirt for a long time.



Cucumber extract can also be known as superfood for skin, as it contains proteins and Vitamin C and a variety of minerals. Caladew is known for it’s sooth and relieve effect on puffy skin.


UV MED (Recommended for Oily Skin)

Though the Monsoon has arrived, we still have days we still face days with bright and heavy sunshine that creates the patches on our skin. Applying UV MED 10-15 minutes before facing the sun can make your skin defend itself against the harmful rays and also heal itself internally from the previous attacks of the sun.


Z Block (Recommended for Dry Skin)

Having a dry skin during the monsoon can get very irritating as it continuously comes between our work all day long reminding us how bad our skin is looking. Z Block not only protects our skin from the sun but also keeps the skin hydrated so that we feel fresh and active all day.


UV MED ( Towelettes )

This product is personally my favourite as I sometimes get too busy with my work and do not want to get my hand all creamy putting on a sunscreen. Wiping my face with one towelette and my work is done for the day. The towelettes have an amazing fragrance which shall help you calm your mind calm and stress out less in the mixed weather.

This was just a brief explanation on how we can keep our skin healthy in accordance with the change of season. I shall soon be back with a very informative post on how easily we can have a glowing, pimple-free skin all year. So keep following my Blog updates and guys please show some love on my social media sites too with your likes and comments.
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Sayonara guys.

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